What's driving agreeme

Every day billions of people make agreements with each other, from small things ranging from lending an item, rules around pocket money, curfew time, to bigger things like moving in together, getting loans or starting a business.

We make a lot of these agreements with people we like, often verbally and informally, and with the hope that friendship and love will last forever. However, when things go wrong they can cost us a lot more than just money and can get in the way of your happiness and the ones you care about.

We are building 'agreeme', a mobile and web application to make it a breeze to begin, negotiate and finalise agreements with people you like.

Our mission is to make agreements accessible to everyone, in everyday language, and achievable within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the agreements I make on agreeme legally binding?

They can be, it depends on whether your agreement has all of the components of a contract. All contracts are agreements but not all agreements are contracts! If you want to know more, we have written an article on this very subject.

How are the agreements stored?

We securely store your agreements so that you can access them anywhere. No concerns with losing your copy or it being destroyed in an accident. We store your locked agreements for the duration of the agreement and for an fixed time after completion

Is making agreements a bit formal?

It can be, but we make it as simple and as accessible as possible, and we have a whole host of articles to help you get started, if you need any more help or advise then please feel free to contact us

In what situations can agreeme be used?

Well any situations that include more than one person agreeing to do something. I.e. borrowing a bike, sharing a home, providing a service or even starting a business (we keep all our agreements in agreeme!).

In which countries can I download agreeme?

agreeme is available for download in the UK, the USA, Ireland, Australia, India, Singapore, Spain and Germany.