Making an agreement with someone can be one of the greatest signs of trust and respect. Sadly some people can feel mixed emotions about being asked to record an agreement, or feel awkward raising the topic with a friend or partner. At wegree we think this shouldn't be the case and actually recording your agreement not only makes it stronger but also is one of the greatest signs or respect and trust an individual can make. In this blog we will try and dissect the different reasons why we people object and how to handle these.

Don't you trust me?

Right in at number 1, the reason for not making an agreement is around the thought that you only need to record agreements with people you don't trust. Here is why this is not only incorrect, but why the reverse is true. Trust isn't about words but about actions. Nothing says "you can trust me" more than making a transparent commitment to someone. Sometimes just the act of recording an agreement means its more likely to be upheld, and if someone really doesn't want to record the agreement, they probably have no intention of honouring it.

We will figure it out as we go along!

Great in theory but terrible in practise. With all the best will in the world these type of arrangements are destined to failure. Not because you don't want to get along, but because even two people in agreement can be thinking in different ways, add in a few assumptions and heuristic biases and you've got a problem growing in your adventure. You don't need to agree on everything to be set for success, but you need to clear up the big things that are important you, otherwise, assumption is the mother of all f**k ups.

No need to write it down, we'll remember

Did you know that eye witness testimony to crimes is one of the weakest forms of evidence? This is because we like to think that our memories are like photographs and once they are recorded, they will never change. But this is sadly not true. Memory doesn't do well with details, especially over time and if it is something you talk about, then it can be even worse. Our minds work with memories as "the gist of it", meaning your remember themes but not details. You will remember that you are happy with an agreement, but the details will become fuzzy. So write it down and record those agreements

It's not that important, we don't need an agreement

Importance is a relative thing, and even though the subject of an agreement may not be high value, the security and piece of mind of recording the agreement reduces stress and the chance of dis-agreements further down the line. Just like paying into a pension, present you might find it a bind, but future you will be grateful.

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