Agreements made easy with the people you love

At agreemef, we believe that making agreements with your partner should be more than a choice between unrecorded conversations and jargon ridden contracts.

Keeping a record is a great way to start your journey together, discussing the basics like how to split the chores, through to how to manage the finances and defining who owns what. So that you can focus on enjoying your lives together.

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Cohabitation agreements like never before

Making agreements can feel very business like, but not with agreeme.

Chat through the things that are important to you and your partner and share the protection you both deserve.

Available wherever you are

you can make your agreements wherever you have your smartphone.

Whether your on your way to work, or relaxing on the sofa with your boo.

When your finished, its always available for you too check back on, to resolve any disagreements quickly

It doesn't just stop with your partner

You can make agreements with anyone, for things like shared purchases, lending money or items, or even starting a business.

With agreeme you can add as many people as you want, and get the protection usually only reserved for the wealthy.